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The BAST team works transparently with clients, in line with the latest regulatory guidance and internal quality assurance guidelines. Throughout all projects, our work processes are grounded in our four core values of scientific integrity, quality, empathy and flexibility.

Our core values

  • Scientific integrity: At BAST we firmly believe that the science always comes first. We are not afraid to address difficult questions and do not shy away from uncomfortable results.
  • Quality: Whether it is a high-priority accelerated NDA submission or a simple low-budget exploratory analysis, we apply the same exceptional standards throughout.
  • Empathy: We recognise the varying technical ability of all our key stakeholders, and are able to tailor our approach in a well-rounded and clear way.
  • Flexibility: As a small group of scientific experts we have the ability to be very flexible and move quickly in response to our client’s ever-changing needs.

The BAST workflow is adaptable and can be modified to suit the needs of a particular project. In general, interaction with BAST will follow the framework shown below.

To find out more about our QA process, click here.

  • 1. First Contact

    Discuss the strategy and scope of the project.

  • 2. Proposal Agreed

    Initial proposal and budget based on discussion.

  • 3. Analysis Plan

    Detailed technical analysis plan and budget review.

  • 4. Modelling Activity

    Featuring interim analysis reviews with client.

  • 5. Preliminary Results

    Presentation of results to client.

  • 6. Final Deliverables

    Final report/supporting files delivered and client sign-off.

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